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An easy way to buy or sell real estate in a new construction in Kyiv and Lviv
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We sell
only newly built and the best real estate
Real estate from the developer
at the developer's price with all current specials and discounts.
Buying with us is more advantageous
Assignments from apartment owners
the most appealing apartments are sold out first in sales departments. Some of the apartments no longer available in the sales department, but which their owners are willing to resell, are resold by us. Creators specialises in assignment resale.
Apartments from wholesale buyers
we cooperate with those who buy wholesale for resale before delivery, earning on the cost difference per sq.m. These apartments can be cheaper than when bought form the developer. We collect such options for our customers.
How we select developments
We analyse the already built residential developments of different developers, terms they were put into operation and whether the residents of these residential developments are satisfied
We examine the documents of each residential development and the documents of private investors who resell apartments
For Creators, it is important what materials are used in construction and decoration, design solutions and architectural aesthetics
We pay attention to the apartment purchase terms and conditions, the availability of payment by installments and the quality of service of the developer's managers
The developments we work with
The best developments from proven developers
Our team
There are more than 15 people working for Creators, and this is our front-office :)
Valentyn Iaromenko
Creators' cofounder
Liudmyla Iaromenko
Creators' cofounder and CEO
Yulia Bodnar
Brand manager
Victoria Sadohova
Consultant in Kyiv
Anastasiia Katsan
Consultant in Kyiv
Olena Krupych
Product manager
Oksana Stoika
Consultant in Lviv
Liliia Bahlai
Consultant in Lviv
Ruslana Romanko
Consultant in Lviv
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