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What apartments do we work with?
Here at Creators, we take a very careful approach to working with new facilities and choose only the best and most reliable ones
We help to buy:
- New apartments, where no one has lived
- In new comfort + and business class residential developments with advanced infrastructure
- premises from proven developers with the required documents
We do help to buy:
- Secondary housing
- Apartments in economy class residential developments
- Premises from unreliable developers who have problems with documents
Criteria for buying an apartment for living
Compliance with the criteria
We select apartments exactly as the customer requested: price, area, location of the development, technical characteristics, availability of the necessary infrastructure
The uniqueness of the facility
In each apartment and residential development, we find those features that will be important for life in it: convenient layout, quality of building materials, aesthetics of architecture, advanced infrastructure of the development, convenient location of the development
Financial component
An important factor when choosing an apartment are the convenient terms of payment, the availability of payment by installments and the price of the premises, which fits in with the market
Buying an apartment for renting. Criteria
Period of construction
It is better to buy an apartment for rent in a residential development at the medium or final stage of construction. This reduces the risks associated with delays or unfinished construction, as well as allows making a profit from it faster.
The proximity of the subway and transport, infrastructure, projected demand for the development in the future and many other factors are critical when renting out an apartment. Creators' consultants will help you choose the best option.
Amount and profit
Purchase of an apartment is always followed by its renovation, the cost of which is often not taken into account when choosing a housing. The final price will be higher than the cost of the apartment itself, which will affect the payback. Our consultants will help you calculate the final cost and estimate the approximate payback period.
Criteria for buying an apartment for resale
Terms of resale
Each developer has their own terms of resale, which are not always suitable for the investor. We offer options with the most favourable conditions.
Construction phases and stages
When buying an apartment for resale, you need to know the stage of construction and whether there are any following phases. Our consultants always have up-to-date information from the developer.
Price increase
Rapid price growth may happen with high demand for a particular development. We at Creators constantly analyse the market and provide professional advice when choosing an apartment.
Reliability of construction
We work with residential developments from the best developers with quality architecture, guarantees of completion and timely commissioning.
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