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Commercial premises in new constructions
for investment and business
Why should you look for commercial premises with Creators?
  • location features;
  • the number of solvent residents for your business;
  • presence of competitors;
  • features of building layout;

This is not a full list of parameters by which we analyze all premises for sale in view of the specifics of each business.

That is why we will recommend you the best option among new constructions according to your requirements.

Special offer!
Premises for kindergarten or school
in Metropolis residential development.
Commercial premises in Kyiv
Lvivskyi Kvartal residential development
Commercial basement of 76.32 sq.m. for a shop, cafe or a travel agency office
Parkove Misto residential development
Facade commercial premises of 136.8 sq.m. for a beauty salon, restaurant or supermarket
Crystal Park Tower residential development
Commercial premises of 265.13 sq.m. for yoga or dance studio, coworking, shop
Park Avenue VIP residential development
Readymade and renovated commercial premises with tenants, 268.1 sq.m. - a constant profit right after purchase
Commercial premises in Lviv
Velyka Brytaniia residential development
Commercial basement premises of 52.5 sq.m. for an office, massage parlour or a shop
Baker Street residential development
Commercial basement premises of 91.92 sq.m. for an office, dance studio and showroom
Mankhetten residential development
Two-level commercial premises of 175.2 sq.m. for a dance studio, children's classes or a showroom
Mankhetten residential development
Commercial premises of 258.6 sq.m. for an office, children's clubs and classes
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