Commercial premises in Parkove Misto residential development (138.3 sq.m.)

Spacious commercial premises suitable for an arts studio (painting, pottery), language classes or for making your business idea come true.

The residential development has been commissioned and lived in.

Features of the premises:
- Non-housing stock.
- Premises in the business centre.
- Area: 138.3 sq.m.
- 3rd floor.
- Ceiling height: 4 m.
- Floor-to-ceiling windows.
- Supplied with electricity and plumbing.
- Radiators installed by the developer.
- There are 3355 apartments in the development, all residents can use your business services.

Residential development: Parkove Misto
District: Podilskyi
Address: 45 Vyshhorodska str.
Total area: 138.3 sq.m.
Building: 45
Commissioning time: the building has been commissioned
Floor: 3
Area: 100 – 300 sq.m.
Developer: UDP
Price per sq.m.: $1,323
Class of building: business
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