Commercial premises in Parkove Misto residential development (168.6 sq.m.)

Spacious commercial premises suitable for a martial arts studio, for giveaway store outlets or for making your business idea come true.
The development has been commissioned.

Features of the premises:
- Non-housing stock.
- Back entrance.
- Area: 168 sq.m.
- Basement.
- Supplied with electricity and plumbing.
- Radiators installed by the developer.
- There are 3355 apartments in the development, all residents can use your business services.

Residential development: Parkove Misto
District: Podilskyi
Address: 45 Vyshhorodska str.
Total area: 168.6 sq.m.
Building: 45
Commissioning time: the building has been commissioned
Floor: basement
Area: 100 – 300 sq.m.
Developer: UDP
Price per sq.m.: $2,800
Class of building: business
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