1-room apartment in Urlivskyi-2 residential development (37.97 sq.m.)

1-room apartment in Urlivskyi-2 residential development (7 Klemanska str.). If you are considering an investment option - we recommend that you pay attention to this apartment. Just 15 minutes by car to the centre. There will be commercial areas on the territory of the development for shops, pharmacies, coffee shops and other services that make living in the development more comfortable.

Commissioning: 4 qtr. of 2021.

About the apartment:
- Area: 37.97 sq.m.
- Building 2.
- Floor: 19 out of 26.
- Separate layout.
- 1 bathroom.
- Loggia
- Condition of the apartment when commissioning: sand cement screed under “floating floor” technology, radiators, separate balancing and heat metering units for each apartment, front door, electricity, wet spots, 4 meters (hot/cold water, heat, electricity)
- Indirect heating.
- Ceiling height: 2.7 m.

About Urlivskyi-2 residential development:
- Developer of the development: Kyivmiskbud, 160 houses have been commissioned in 72 residential developments, 84 more are being built in 28 residential developments.
- Class: comfort
- Number of buildings: 4
- Floors: 26
- 988 apartments in the development, 3 elevators in each building.
- Own infrastructure:
* Closed area of ​​the yard
* “A yard with no cars” concept
* Parking area in the stylobate part
* Non-residential premises in the stylobate part (offices, stores, coffee houses etc).

There are a few apartments left with this layout, hurry up to pick up a bargain!

Residential development: Urlivskyi-2
District: Darnytskyi
Address: 7 Klemanska str.
Total area: 37.97 sq.m.
House: 2
Commissioning time: 4 qtr. of 2021
Floor: 19
Number of rooms: 1
Developer: Kyivmiskbud
Class of building: comfort

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