A floor in Novopecherska Vezha residential development (683.1 sq.m.)

An offer for investors - purchase of a floor in Novopecherska Vezha residential development (41 Boichuka str.). Now there are 9 apartments on the floor, which can be divided into 20 smart apartments for renting out. The offer applies for the 20th and 22nd floors.

Floor characteristics:

-       Area: 683.21 sq.m.
-       Section: 1.
-       9 apartments from 50 to 137 sq.m.
-       The windows face the yard, Novopecherski Lypky, Lysa Hora and Dnipro.
-       Condition of the apartments on the floor at the time of purchase: there is screed, windows, radiators by the developer, fire alarm, electrical panels and front doors.
-       Individual gas heating. Own boiler room on the roof of the building.
-       Ceiling height: 2.75m.

About Novopecherska vezha residential development:
- Developer of the development: BudCapital, which has12 residential developments, of which 8 are to be commissioned soon, 2 are being built, and 2 are already in operation.
- Class: comfort
- Number of buildings: 1
- Floors: 26
- Own infrastructure:
* Children zone.
* A gym.
* Guest parking lots.
* Underground parking area.

Creators has apartments in this residential development - look for them in our ads or call us and find out all the details and current areas.

Residential development: Novopecherska Vezha
District: Pecherskyi
Address: 41 Boichuka str.
Total area: 683.1 sq.m.
House: 1
Commissioning time: 3 qtr. of 2020
Price per sq.m.: $ 1,475
Floor: 21
Area: 300 sq.m. and more
Developer: BudCapital
Class of building: comfort
Price level: above average

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