1-room apartment – 45.34 sq.m.

1-room apartment - a great option for a housing at the end of construction, suitable for living or renting out. The residential development is well located and has advanced infrastructure. Residents of the development have access to a variety of goods and services on the territory of the building. There are also supermarkets ATB, Silpo, Svii Market and Vopak nearby. A courtyard without cars will make life in the development comfortable and safe.

The house has been built, the commissioning is planned for 4 qtr. of 2021.

About the aparment:
- Total area: 45.34 sq.m., kitchen area: 12.67 sq.m., living area: 17.51 sq.m.
- Floor: 3rd out of 11.
- The first phase of the construction project, 5B building.
- 1-room apartment.
- The windows face the courtyard.
- A combined bathroom: 3.62 sq.m.
- A glazed loggia with entrance from the kitchen: 3.61 sq.m.
- Content: zero cycle, without plaster, screed, there is electricity and sewerage, meters, no gas.
- Heating: roof gas boiler room (indirect for the whole building).
- Ceiling height: 2.70 m
- 5 apartments and 1 elevator on the floor.

Advantages of the residential development: there is an underground parking area, the concept of a yard without cars, 6 playgrounds, 5 sports grounds, a charging station for electric cars, bicycle parking area; there will be its own kindergarten.

About Riel City residential development:
- Developer: RIEL, 44 houses have been commissioned in 24 residential developments, 68 buildings are in progress in 17 residential developments.
- Class: comfort.
- Number of sections: 15.
- Floors: 8-12.
- Number of apartments in the building: 218 (per a block of apartments).
- Own infrastructure:
* walking alleys on the territory of the development;
* underground parking area with chargers for electric cars;
* the grounds are illuminated by lanterns with photocells - you do not need to pay for street lighting;
* all the territory is available for people with disabilities
* for the convenience of dog owners the territory will be equipped with poles with dog waste bags and dog waste bins.

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Residential development: Riel City
District: Zaliznychnyi
Address: 8 Rudnenska str.
Total area: 45.34 sq.m.
Price per sq.m.: $950
Commissioning time: 4 qtr. of 2021
Floor: 3
Developer: Riel

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