3-room apartment – 109.1 sq.m.

A spacious apartment in an elite class residential development. It is located on the ground floor, but there is a balcony there. It is quite unusual, but, at the same time, convenient for future residents.

About the apartment:
- 1st floor, located higher than the ordinary 1 floor, below in the basement there are commercial premises.
- The building has already been commissioned, so after buying an apartment you can start renovating it. You will not have to wait and worry about whether the building will be built.
- A two-sided apartment - the windows face two sides.
- Good sound insulation, double-glazed windows.
- Plaster, screed, wiring.
- There is a boiler in the kitchen. The developer has installed the radiators.
- Ceiling height: 2.80.
- The apartment is insulated.
- There is a power panel, 1 socket in the kitchen.
- Sewerage, water, electricity.
- There is a playground with benches in the yard.
- There is the Blyzenko store in the building.

Residential development: Mankhetten
District: Zaliznychnyi
Address: 8/12 Oleny Stepanivny str.
Total area: 109.1 sq.m.
Price per sq.m.: $1,020
Commissioning time: commissioned
Floor: 1/8
Section: 1
Developer: RIEL

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