“To all those who are very careful about buying real estate and do not make a decision until they go around at least half of the new buildings in Kyiv - I would definitely recommend the Creators team. I got acquainted with them quite by chance through Fb, at the stage when I had been studying this topic for myself for almost a month and almost stopped sleeping peacefully.
At that time, I already had a certain opinion about many developers, I went to the construction site in the caste and saw a lot of plans “live”. I understood for sure that in all the pictures, in all the sales departments, everything always looks beautiful - in fact, you need to personally visit each facility and think it over for a few days.
You must not panic and make impulsive decisions just because there is “the last apartment left” in the building you chose, “only today in celebration of another holiday – a special offer”, “we do not depend on the dollar - it's advantageous”, etc. After a month of searching, I was totally confused. I definitely did not like some facilities and the others were not suitable for further life for a number of reasons, but there were also good options... How to choose the best?))

Thanks to Fb that sent me an advertisement about Creators in time. It was time to get advice from real estate professionals.
Why professionals?
- Because they confirmed almost all the conclusions I made during the month.
- Because we came to a common opinion about the best developments in Kyiv in 10 minutes of conversation. And it was a common opinion, not an imposed one.
- Because they are so attentive to your problem of choice, that as a result become your true friends)
- Because they have a lot of information about those developments in Kyiv, which are built not just like boxes, but have an idea, a concept, want to create interesting projects for a comfortable life, which have their own history of completed facilities, which is especially important when investing in real estate under construction.
- And drinking champagne together after signing the sale and purchase agreement - isn't it a great end to a fruitful cooperation?)
Thank you for your help and very good advice. And yes - Creators do not charge the client, which makes their work for us, the investors, almost charming.”

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