I heard about “Creators” from friends. I have long been interested in the issue of new housing for my daughter. But after reviewing many options on the market, we could not choose our own. And there was no time to deal with this issue - to choose an apartment for a long time and go all over Kyiv to watch the construction. Therefore, the offer to search with the help of a team that does this professionally was very attractive. A nice bonus was that you do not have to pay any commissions, and the price of housing does not increase. I understood that I was not losing anything. Although, to be honest, I didn't have any special expectations. And I did not expect to resolve the issue of buying an apartment in the near future!
I met and talked with Liudmila. She asked me what kind of housing and for what purposes I want. What did not suit us in the options we had already considered.
All organisational work was carried out quickly and at a high professional level. A meeting with the developer's manager, a viewing of the apartments, detailed information about the development, answers to all my questions, calculation of payments and the decision to sign the agreement was made earlier than it was said aloud.

Thank you very much, Creators, especially Liudmila. It was her professionalism and confidence in success that gave me hope. And hope paid off - an apartment for my daughter!”

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