In our case of units there are exclusive options - apartments and commerce premises from the developer (which only we have on sale) or from owners. Options from the owners - these are just options from our tested developers, and which no one has used to live or do business. That is, these are completely new options that have been purchased for resale.

By selling the following units, we do everything to ensure that the buyer gets the best price-quality option in proven developments:
·      We examine the unit, evaluating the apartment "from the inside".
·      We study its liquidity and relevance in relation to the real estate market, district and housing.
·      We check the availability of similar options for forming together with the seller the best price for the buyer.
·      We meet with the owner and agree with them the optimal price for the buyer.
·      We are responsible for the sale of the apartment.

To get to us for sale you need to pass the "6 rounds" of verification by Creators?

Such unit - a 3-room apartment in Lvivska Ploshcha residential development was bought by our client Heorhii.
“I found your company at LUN website, clicked on the ad and followed the link to your website. Checked all the information about you and decided to cooperate. Bought a 3-room apartment in Lvivska Ploshcha development on assignment. Bought it for myself, or for investment. It was a great pleasure to work with Creators: they are customer-oriented, provided all the necessary documents and answers to all questions, drafted a high-level agreement. I am fully satisfied with Iryna’s work as a manager. She is a professional in her field. Thank you!”

Are you still scared of finding and investing in real estate? Then write to us, with Creators it will not be scary at all, it will only be interesting and productive!

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