Now we are actively working with assignments - apartments from investors. We are approached by apartment owners in new buildings who are going to sell their property. After analysing and agreeing on a price that will be relevant and competitive in the market, we begin cooperation.

We would like to share with you feedback of Irina, who sold her 1-room apartment in OK’Land with the help of Creators:
“We learned about Creators from the developer RIEL. We worked with the manager Irina. She is an expert in her field: she organised the whole process quickly, smoothly, and solved all issues in a twinkle. There was support for the whole process, and, what is very nice and important - psychological support. In such a case, it is really necessary. Iryna is an expert in her field, without a doubt we can advise you to work with her! Thank you for the fruitful cooperation.”
If you want to sell your apartment in a new building and do not know where to start, then start by letting us know!

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