Taras and Anastasiia

Another happy family bought their own housing to live in. Our clients, Taras and Anastasiia, a husband and a wife, bought a 2-room apartment in Creator City development, so we have a brand new review.

“Hello! We’d like to share our impressions from our way to buying housing. We heard about Creators.city from my husband’s financial advisor, whose advice we trusted and contacted the manager after a long search for options on our own. There are many new buildings and residential developments to be built in the capital, but when you start to choose the only place where you are ready to live and raise a child, the choice is very, very difficult to make. There are a lot of nuances that require a lot of time to study. So, we decided to turn to professionals. And, leaping ahead, they were right. Once on Wednesday we had a Skype conversation with Iryna, and next week on Wednesday we signed an agreement and made the first payment for the apartment of our dreams! Before the conversation, Iryna asked to outline the main selection criteria and voice our preferences. And a lot of preferences were accumulated during the immersion in the topic of own housing. During the first online conversation, Iryna told us about several options selected for our requirements. And from them we chose the most appealing one. In 3 days we went together with Iryna to the sales department of this residential development, and in 3 days to sign the agreement. All communication with Iryna was super comfortable! She adapted to a time convenient for us. She paid maximum attention to all the little things (because there are no little things in such an important matter), even in the evening at the weekend she arranged a meeting in the sales department. She was in touch all the time and sincerely supported our dream! We are very happy to have chosen Creators. And that we were lucky to work with Iryna, who loves her job and the people she deals with! It was felt at each communication! We are infinitely grateful to everyone involved and we look forward to the moment the building is commissioned!!! "

Why waste time searching by yourself, if you can contact the Creators? We will select the best options at your request, just write to us and start our journey to purchase your ideal housing!

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