How can a foreign investor choose real estate in Kyiv?
The task is not easy, very few developers have an English version of the website, and by contacting the sales department you will be unlikely to get a decent consultation in English. Now imagine that you need to monitor the whole market!

Creators solves this issue for its customers. Stefan recently asked us to find an apartment for his family:
«I decided to work with Creators, because of a referral by a friend to the company. Next, because of the careful consultancy by Alexandra who listened to all our preferences, patiently explained everything, and seemed to care that we would find something that truly suited us.

I didn't notice any disadvantages in partnership. Liked very much working with Alexandra because of her friendly and patient attitude, and apparent interest in matching products to her clients. Moreover, she appeared to be on the side of the buyer even though Creators is paid by the developer.»
If you also need help in choosing housing, and you also, like Stefan, want to find the best option, write to us and we will contact you to arrange a consultation.

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