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Sell your apartment together with Creators
What apartments do we work with?
Here at Creators, we take a very careful approach to working with new facilities and choose only the best and most reliable ones
We sell:
- New apartments with new renovation and without it, where no one has lived
- In new comfort + and business class residential developments with advanced infrastructure
- premises from proven developers with the required documents
We do NOT sell:
- Secondary housing
- Apartments in economy class residential developments
- premises in residential developments by unreliable developers who have problems with documents
Why sell with Creators?
Consultants are always in touch with buyers, conduct viewings of the apartments, advise on documents - it takes the most time
We take photos of the apartment, display it on various Internet platforms and do advertising - a separate marketing department is responsible for this
Price formation
Our consultants will help to form price of your apartment which will fit in with the market and will bring you profit
Selling an apartment requires a lot of time and constant involvement in the process. You will not have to worry about anything with us, but only get a profit from the sold apartment
How to sell an apartment with us
Submit an application through social networks, on the website or call
You will agree with the manager on the terms of cooperation in a phone conversation
We will sign a cooperation agreement at a meeting in our office
Signing a sales agreement with a client who we communicated with
Feedback from customers who have sold an apartment with us
List of residential developments in Kyiv and Lviv
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